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Our knowledgeable sales, design and engineering team are committed and take pride in insuring the highest quality building products possible. We strive to maintain a personal relationship with our clients while strengthening our knowledge in an ever-changing industry to better our customer's needs.

Gypsum Application:

demoAvoid ceiling separation of ceiling from wall with proper installation of drywall and trusses.

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Reading our drawings

and layouts:demo

Drawings can vary company to company. This is how to read an Automated Products engineered drawings or layouts.

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Industry Information:

Member of SBCA

SBCAWe are a member of the Structural Building Components Assoc.

 API is an active member of the SBCA Wisconsin chapter which educates contractors, inspectors, architects, engineers and others about the use of trusses. SBCA site

Truss Bracing

Bracing information from SBCA

Fall Protection

Step by step approach from SBCA

Automated Products Inc Staff:

Who we are and what are backgrounds are.

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Engineered Wall Panels, Roof and Floor Truss Systems

API/EBS Provides...

API/EBS has experience...

Phone-In Orders...



Layout Orders...

What can API/EBS do for you...

Projects wall floor and roof


  • Stock trusses, LVL, and I-joist materials

  • Engineered roof and floor truss systems

  • State-of-the-art design, engineering, and manufacturing

  • The benefits of our years of experience

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  • Our six plant manufacturing facility located in Marshfield, WI. has been in operation close to 50 years. Centrally located we can economically ship to any market area, wherever your next project takes you.

  • We have over 100 skilled employees including:

    • 2 in-house salesmen

    • 5 outside salesmen

    • 7 engineering staff

    • 2 licensed Professional Engineers holding seals for Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

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Phone-In Orders:

Easily order a variety of products over the phone:

  • Stock trusses. 12’ through 32’, 4/12 pitch, and 24’ 5/12 or 6/12 pitch, 57 lb. total load, standard heel, 2’ overhang, ready to ship.
  • LVL material. 9 1/4”, 11 7/8”, 14”, 16”, 18”, and 24” sizes up to 60’ long, cut and shipped as needed.
  • I-joists and rim board. 9 1/2”, 11 7/8”, 14”, 16”, 18”, and 24”.
  • Special order trusses. Roof or floor trusses engineered, cut, built, and shipped, including any special or custom hangers.
In-House sales
In-house sales are available to take your phone-in orders
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Trusses are designed and engineered based on your phone order or drawn blue prints. On your approval, high-quality lumber is cut using computer-aided saws, and your trusses are built by skilled builders.

Omni saw

Computer-aided machinery allows precision cutting and manufacturing.

Fatman press
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Upon your approval of the layout drawings, a delivery date is scheduled based on manufacturing hours needed and other orders on file. Trusses are delivered to your job site by “Crane Cab” trucks. You may also pick up your trusses at our facility. Delivery truck

Trusses are placed for
convenience at a job site.

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Layout Orders:

Based on your plans, we can create:

  • I-joist floor systems with LVL beams, rim board, and hangers.
  • I-joist roof systems with LVL ridges and special “pitched” hangers.
  • Floor trusses 12” to 24” deep with clear span to 40’.
  • Roof trusses with clear span to 80’ and pitches as required, with inside cathedral ceilings, girders, parallel chord trusses, scissors trusses, common trusses, room-in-attic trusses, or gable ends.
Layout person
  Our engineering department provides a complete layout, showing positions and diagrams of each truss with critical design factors and dimensions. Layouts are faxed or sent UPS for the builder’s approval. The process continues when the builder reviews the layout, signs the approval, and faxes it to API with any changes.  
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What can API/EBS do for you:

  • We engineer & manufacture wood structural components for all types of buildings: residential and commercial.
  • We supply LVL, I-joist & matching rim board for floors & roof framing, also for headers, beams & columns.
  • We provide framing layout, truss placement drawings, standard & custom steel connections and sealed engineering for all products we supply.
  • We design our products to minimize hand framing & connections, saving you field cutting, labor and material.
  • If you need help with a building inspector, because someone cut or drilled a truss, we can solve your problem and get you sealed engineering in hours, not days or weeks.
  • Your Architectural or State Engineering Submittal Package for commercial projects, leaves here within a day of your products’ manufacturing date, and both the building site package and submittal package are identical.
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