Manufacturer of custom wood roof, floor and agricultural trusses. Provide Standard and custom hangers for our customers needs.


Automated Products and Engineered Building Systems currently handles engineered wood products produced by L.P Building Products.


We Stock

  • LPI 20Plus series I-Joist in 9 1/2", 11 7/8", and 14" depths

  • LPI 2.0 E series LVL material in 9 1/4" , 11 7/8", 14", 16", 18" and 24" depths.

  • For additional information about these and other LP materials,

We also carry engineered rim board in sizes that match the depths of our stock I-Joist.


LP I Joist

I Joist

Laminated Veneer Lumber


Structural materials: In addition to the materials we have in stock, we also have materials available by special order.



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Roof Trusses, Floor Truses, Engineered Lumber and Wall Panels.