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We offer a variety of options for floor truss designs to make building easier and more efficient. Floor truss are commonly built in depths from 12" to 24", the required loading is a deciding factor. Trusses are commomly installed on 12", 16", 19.2", or 24" centers.

Pipe chase
Clear span floor truss

Floor trusses can often be designed to clear span distances greater than those available with solid joist systems. This allows larger open spaces and reduces or eliminates the need for bearing walls or beams.

Floor trusses can be produced to provide a mechanical chase. Often the chase width can be designed to allow HVAC, plumbing and/or electrical contractors to install their services within the truss depth.

HVAC chase
Strong Back

We provide trusses with a variety of end conditions to meet our customers' different needs. Bottom chord bearing trusses are marked with bearing tags for easy placement. Proper installation of floor trusses may require placing strong backs within the truss depth to tie the trusses together. The spacing and location of strong backs may vary depending on the job conditions.

Top chord bearing trusses can be used when a customer wishes to recess beams into the floor. The availability of this option varies from job to job.

Recess beam
Floor girder

Floor girders are specialized trusses designed to carry other loads where bearing points are not available. As part of our engineering process, API determines the load on the girder and the needed hanger connectors. If the load requires a multiple truss, API connects the plies at our plant.

Before they leave our factory, floor trusses are labeled with a truss identifier and are banded for handling and shipping. A packet including truss drawings, a placement diagram and placement instructions are delivered to the job-site with the trusses.

Labeled Foor trusses


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