Manufacturer of custom wood roof, floor and agricultural trusses. Provide Standard and custom hangers for our customers needs.


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Roof Trusses - RESIDENTIAL

API provides residential trusses to on-site builders through our dealers. From the simple roof to the complex roof system with spectacular open ceilings, our designers can shape trusses to fit your home. We can design trusses with long spans to give you large open spaces.

House trusses
Seven inch heel Trusses to be finished with plaster or drywall ceilings are usually spaced on 24 inch centers, although unusual designs or load conditions may require different spacing. Custom roof truss systems can be designed to support a variety roofing finish materials. To meet your energy efficiency concerns, we can raise the truss height (typically 7 to 12 inches) to allow for full insulation depth at the exterior walls.
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Roof Trusses - COMMERCIAL

We have provided wood trusses for light commercial buildings since 1975. The engineers and architects on our staff allow us to meet the truss design needs for your project. When you order a project through our company, we provide not only the trusses and hangers, but clear details showing truss placement, structural design, hanger locations, attachments, and structural details for any needed field splicing.

Commercial trusses


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API provides pole building trusses to meet a variety of applications including shops, storage buildings, and barns with typical spacing running from 4 feet to 12 feet on center. We can produce, deliver, and unload at your site custom trusses in lengths up to 88 feet.


Pole Building

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attic truss capped attic

You can use attic trusses to create extra living space in an area that would otherwise be unused. We can fit rooms into roofs pitched 6 over 12 and steeper. (The picture shows a roof with 12 over 12 pitch). Bonus rooms over a garage are a great use for attic trusses.

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Scissor trusses By allowing vaulted or varied ceiling heights scissor trusses let designers create areas that feel interesting and spacious.
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We can truss roofs to fit buildings of almost any shape. By using smaller jack trusses with girders, we can provide a hip roof for your design. hip roof
Hip frame The hip frame lays on top of the step hip trusses. These frames save time during construction and supports the roof sheathing up the slope of the roof.  True straight roof lines are formed with the hip frame for a quality roof.
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Capped trusses No roof design is too tall for trusses.  We can piggy back a cap truss over a base to manufacture and transport taller roofs in two pieces.
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We will work with you to provide trusses to fit buildings of unusual shapes or designs.  This picture shows trusses used in the roof over an arena in a commercial building in southern Wisconsin. Round stable
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Our production team can improve the speed of construction on your project by designing and manufacturing rake ends and by sheathing the gable end trusses.  Ladders sheated ends 
Valley  Valley truss sets make it easier to frame dormers and intersecting roof lines. 
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