Manufacturer of custom wood roof, floor and agricultural trusses. Provide Standard and custom hangers for our customers needs.


EBS floor panels meet our customer’s needs from design to installation.  We provide a superior product by using only quality materials.  This offers an accurate fit, providing ease of installation on the job site.  We design and assemble our floor panels by offering a choice of I-joist or floor trusses.

Floor frame
Sheathing floor

The benefits of an EBS floor system include:

  • Panels that are true square and level by using assembly tables

  • Sheathing is done in a temperature controlled dry environment

  • All floor panels are glued and nailed for superior performance

Lifting straps are included on our panels and are positioned for a balanced load when lifted by a crane.  These straps are easily removed after the floor system is set.

Lifting straps
Setting floor panel one

A minimum amount of tools are required to set and level the panels.  In most cases, hammers, nails, and glue are all that are required for proper installation.

Normally crews of 2 to 3 people are all that is needed to set a residential floor system.

Setting floor panel 2


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