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Wall Panels

Work for You

How can wall panels improve your construction business?

Save money. Panels arrive ready to install. This means:

  • No mess

  • No wasted material

  • No extra trips to the lumberyard

Save time. Your team is more productive. Enjoy the benefits of on-site delivery and simple, fast installation. Enclose your structure faster and with less chance for mistakes.

Ensure precision. Panels are built from your plans to fit your specifications and local building codes.

Ensure quality. Panels are built in a climate-controlled facility using laser-guided machinery and the best materials. Skilled designers, engineers, and an architect are a vital part of the process.

Design and Engineering

Our team works from your plans and your design. Tell us the catalog numbers of your windows and doors, and we will get the rough opening dimensions from the maker. Your measurements taken directly from the foundation ensure that your wall panels will be a perfect fit. Expect regular communication with our designers and engineers.


A designer uses sophisticated computer software to create your panels.

Wall designer
Frameing table


Our computerized machinery provides precise construction. Our climate-controlled manufacturing facility in Marshfield, Wisconsin, allows us to build your wall panels away from damaging moisture and temperature changes.


Panels for interior walls generally consist of studs, prefabricated components and rough openings for doors. In addition, exterior walls generally include window openings and installed sheathing material and Tyvek®.


  • We deliver your wall panels to the job site on our specially designed trucks.

  •  Sheathed panels are covered to protect them until you are ready to use them.

  • Each panel is numbered and comes stacked in erection sequence.

  •  Sheathed panels have convenient loops that make crane erection easy.

  •  A detailed erection plan simplifies your job.



Numbered panels arrive at a job site.

Wall panel load

Panel numbers
Erecting wal panels


Wall panels go up quickly and easily. We will build for crane erection or hand erection, depending on your needs. You can build more in less time, and your crew can work through the winter.



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