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We can supply all the items you need to hold down or hold up our products. We also are able to do more for you to save time on the job site.

Roof truss anchor


We have what you need to hold down the walls, floor trusses, or roof trusses. These can be called anchors, hold downs or tie downs. No matter what you call them we can size them to resist wind, cantilever, or any other force that would cause our products to lift.

Roof truss anchor


We are able to supply standard prefabricated hangers to hold up beams and trusses. When things get to heavy for premade, our professional engineer designs and works with a local fabricator to get the job done.

Roof truss anchor


We size every beam we supply. We make sure that they will hold the load from trusses or walls. The beams are checked to make sure they function over openings. We are able to supply LVL in a number of depths to fit into floor systems.

Roof truss anchor


We build the ladder frames for the eaves also. We can build them 1' deep for a typical house so they nail to the face of the truss. We can also build them for when a project has longer eaves. Once the eave overhang is longer than 1', we can drop the end truss to allow the ladder frame to extend back to the first common truss. This allows the ladder to support the weight hanging outside the building.

Roof truss anchor

Sheathed Ends

Another way we can save you time on the job site is by sheathing the end trusses ahead of time. We can sheath them in pretty much any material your job requires. Once sheathed we would be happy to apply the house wrap as well. Unless told something else we let the wrap hang down six inches to allow overlap onto the wall.

Roof truss anchor

Lay Flats

We can help speed the framing of a hip style roof also. We can supply the hip frame or lay-in gable. We lower the top chord on the truss where the hip plane is so this frame sets right in. Now you don't have to cut and apply each individual board to fill these areas.