Floor Trusses

Floor Trusses

Why spend the time and money to set each floor truss on a job? If you are using I-joist's then you have to cut and set each one. Why not let us panelize your floor system? Everything comes cut to length. Any beams that are in the floor system are set and the floors or joists are hung. The panels are squared so all you have to do is set them on your walls. There is almost no job site waste because everything is sheathed and all openings are cut in for stairs.

We can supply floor trusses from 1 foot deep up to 2 feet deep. Our floor trusses have openings for duct work and we line up as much of the webs as we can for additional runs. This makes the electrical and plumbing go in an easily. We also can supply I-joists in different strengths and depths. We design all the I-joists we supply to ensure that it will meet your needs.

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